Our scope is limited to languages of environments where we have been active for many years: Dutch and Flemish, French, German, English and Croatian.

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Our translation services are limited to fields of activity and industrial sectors of our expertise – sales & marketing, management, business development, project management in the automotive industry, hotel business, leisure, travel and energy.

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Marketing experts providing translations into perfect German, French or Dutch are few and far between, so their surcharge is high. CrossEuropean makes no difference between languages. In fact, the more languages you order, the cheaper for you!

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Why CrossEuropean?

Compared to the traditional translating services, we are a final user-oriented localiser. Language, formulations, and semantics are sensibly adapted to the culture of the customer your message is designed for.

CrossEuropean localisation service is comparable to what L10N is in IT and has its roots in marketing, consulting business and project management.  So, what we follow  is the logic of an expert rather than the translator’s one.

Added value? Your message is much more than just translated – it is perfectly adapted to your target audience, taking in account their local culture and values. We take care of

  • Formulation: expectations of your various target groups are carefully considered.
  • Semantics: for each sentence in your message, clear meaning is crucial.  We carefully select words, compose sentences and do the punctuation.
  • Content: certain feature might have a key status in one environment, but can be utterly irrelevant elsewhere. Together with you, we carefully consider this aspect and, when necessary, modify the content of your message and its emphasis.

Our services only handle a limited number of languages, fields of activity and a limited number of industrial sectors. We only do the fields of our expertise. We only act where we can provide full support in expertise and a sensible linguistic bridging.



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