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Poslovno svetovanje Jernej Smalc s.p.,
Golo Brdo 95, SI-1215 MEDVODE, Slovenia,
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Jernej Šmalc

CrossEuropean Founder & Owner

Jernej Šmalc has worked as a marketing specialist in the automotive industry since 1995, most notably at RENAULT, NISSAN and PORSCHE, but also with VW, AUDI, SEAT, MERCEDES-BENZ, ALFA ROMEO, FIAT, FORD, OPEL, VOLVO and HYUNDAI.

Prior to that, J Šmalc was head of the loyalty programme at the HILTON hotel chain Brussels-based European HQ.

His professional history includes responsibilities such as Europe-wide pricing strategy for the small car segment as Pricing & Volume Forecast Manager at the RENAULT Paris Headquarters and functions such as Business Planning Director at the DEUTSCHE RENAULT or Sales & Marketing Director at PORSCHE Financial Services. He also managed the project of re-launching the nearly extinct NISSAN brand in Croatia and Slovenia and was later named NISSAN Brand Director at the RENAULT NISSAN Slovenian branch. Under his command this brand has been reborn and an entirely new distribution and sales network set up in these two countries.

Later he was appointed as Management Director at the ADRIA PLUS Project Company working with MERCEDES-BENZ, ALFA ROMEO, FIAT, FORD, OPEL, and HYUNDAI.

J Šmalc founded CrossEuropean Project Management in 2011. Based in Medvode and having branch offices in Tallinn and Brussels, this project management office is currently providing worldwide consulting, project management and localisation-related services specialised in sales & marketing of the automotive, travel & leisure and hotel industries.

J Šmalc is an IPMA™ certified project manager and has background in economic sciences.

He is fluent in German, French, English, Dutch, Croat and Slovene.

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