Founder’s Word

Surprisingly many of my consulting business’ clients have at one moment addressed to me with one question - how to improve their cross-border communication. And yes, having checked their sites and promotional documents, perfectly translated by professionals, room for improvement really became obvious to me.

How comes?

Well, it's pretty simple. People of one culture tend to formulate things other way than people of another culture do. What seems important for someone over here might be utterly irrelevant for the reading audience somewhere else. Same goes for the experts of one field vs. experts of another one.

Traditional translators do their best to keep translations correct and strictly following the original, but that sometimes misses the point. Most of the time, it's not the translation the problem; it is how the content is formulated and its emphasis.

For an international expansion of your business, you might need an expert, a translator, and a marketer In one person... Ever tried?

Now, this is exactly where the CrossEuropean comes into action. A translation service with consulting background.

This is my personal project and I have deliberately limited the scope of my service to

  • languages belonging to environments where I have been active for years, such as Dutch and Flemish, French, German and Croat.
  • fields of activities to those where I have got some mileage behind – such as marketing, management, business development (planning, reporting), project management.
  • industrial sectors to those I've lived with for many years – car business, the automotive industry, hotel business, leisure, travel and energy.

Added value? I adapt your message to the way how the French think, to what the Dutch are sensible about and to what is relevant to talk about in your marketing brochure launched in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

My mission is simple. I just bring you one big step closer to your target audience.

Your chance to redeem money spent in marketing will grow significantly when your message hits the point. CrossEuropean is here not just for mere translation, but to pay attention to what you are telling and how you are telling it.