What we localise

Our services only handle a limited number of fields and industrial sectors. We only do what we are experts for. We only act where we can provide you full support in expertise and sensible linguistic bridging. 

Areas of expertise

Sales & Marketing

  • Product management
  • Market research
  • Market analysis
  • Advertising
  • Internal marketing
  • Customer relations and after-sales
  • Key Account Management
  • Distribution
  • Sales support
  • Sales training

Business development

  • General management and administration
  • Business Planning
  • Reporting
  • Finance
  • Purchasing
  • HR


  • Sales & Marketing
  • Key Account Management
  • Distribution
  • After-sales
  • Customer relations
  • Finance
  • PR
  • HR-Management

Project management

  • Business Planning
  • Management
  • Project documentation
  • Finance

Sector of expertise

Automotive industry

A particularly complex industrial sector as it is, the automotive industry has developed a very special language of its own. With our roots in this industry, we just love to get the translation of your text right.

Car business

You cannot survive in the car business without a drop of petrol in your blood. Still, your texts are created by copywriters who might be less deeply in cars. They are further handled by translators usually even further from the field. With our roots deep in the car business, we know how to get it right.

Hotel industry

It might work for your business clients, but when you target the leisure segment, you should at all price avoid promoting your hotel in generic English. Leisure clients will much more appreciate your presentation in their own language.

Leisure & Travel

The World is swamped with generic English. Few of your future clients appreciate this when selecting their holiday destination. They will be delighted to check your message in their own language.  This way, your destination will get much closer to their heart.


English is the universal tool of communication in this field. Still, your next partner might be one of the strong French, German or Dutch companies. Your presentation, business plan or promotional document will be much better appreciated when in your partner’s language.